Replacing our rusty Maggi anchor chain

Maggi anchor chain is marketed with promises of high quality, durability and strength. Sadly, our experience has been quite the opposite. Luckily for us we found the perfect solution, but have been left wondering how many others have had similar problems. To find out exactly what happened to us, read on. If you’ve had a […]

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A Month in Cape Verde

The penultimate leg of our Atlantic crossing was to the Cape Verde islands. Boats stop here for different reasons. Some will just stop for a few days in Mindelo to break the crossing and to refresh provisions. Others, including ourselves, want to move at a slower pace and find out what these islands have to […]

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A Lazy Two Weeks in Ibiza

Ibiza is the only island we’ve ever visited that has its own soundtrack. A mile or more out and it’s still possible to hear dance music beats eminating from the shore. Thankfully (for us at least) the club scene spots are very isolated from the rest of the island which remains wonderfully tranquil. In summary, […]

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Morocco to Ibiza

We’ve finally landed in the Balearics. We’ve covered over 400 miles and it has been a tough couple of weeks getting here. This has been our route: (0) El Jebah, (1) Marina del Este, (2) Almerimar, (3) Cartagena, (4) Formentera We sat out a storm at the anchorage in El Jebah in Morocco before making an […]

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Beautiful Morocco

After reaching Gibraltar, we decided that rather than following the Spanish coast into the Med, as initially planned, we’d cross over to Africa and take a look around. This blog tells of the very different places and experiences we’ve had there in the last week. Ceuta – Spain On the north coast of Africa and only a […]

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