Our journey begins

So we're finally under way, have crossed the Thames estuary, and will spend the first night of our trip, moored to a buoy in the river Stour, near Felixstowe in Essex. We'll not bother going ashore this evening as Helena cooked up a few meals for us before we left home. This evening we'll be feasting on spinach and bacon pie.

We left Ramsgate at 0600 to catch the tide. The force 4 that was forecast waited until we were pretty much here before making an appearance so most of the journey was made using the engine. In retrospect, this has been a blessing as we've started to realise that we're both knackered from all the preparations and a lazy day drifting over the estuary, dodging the sandbanks, has provided a welcome rest. We all (the cat included) spent a few hours snoozing along the way.

So it's been a good start. Nothing more stressful today than wondering if we'll be evicted from our free mooring should its rightful owner return and claim it.

I'll post more photos to our Facebook page in a day or two when I've got a better Internet connection.

You can see our location and route on this marine traffic web site.


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