Next stop Lowestoft

We started out at 8am this morning and simply slipped the lines before sailing the five miles down the River Stour to the open sea. What a great way to start the day, breakfast in the cockpit watching the riverside go by certainly beats the morning train into Canon St.

We had fair winds today and only needed to run the engine for an hour or so around lunchtime when the wind dropped. Here’s our track as we approached Lowestoft under sail shortly after 4pm:

track to lowestoft

Todays journey took just over nine hours and we had a very warm welcome from the Royal Suffolk & Norfolk Yacht Club who were on hand to take our lines and assist us into a tight berth on our arrival. Their welcome was only surpassed by the magnificence of their men’s urinals, the like of which I’ve never encountered before. I was particularly impressed with the solid copper cistern:


Sadly the urinals look like they may be the highlight of Lowestoft. It’s a pretty rough around the edges, and run down port town. I don’t think we’ll be stopping here for long.

Buxton, our cat, impressed us today with a demonstration of how he could walk on his hands. The boat pitched over a wave just as he started his way down the companionway steps and his back paws didn’t touch down again before he was off the bottom step. So much for feline grace.

Here he is recovering from the ordeal in port shortly after we arrived:



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