Two things to do with string

We couldn’t have wished for better weather over the past few days, and it’s been great relaxing here in Whitby, it’s a lovely town. Among other things, I’ve kept myself amused with a couple of minor jobs on the boat that have involved tying some quite intricate knots.

The first is called a turk’s head. It’s primarily a decorative knot and doesn’t have any real use apart from, when tied to a steering wheel, acting as a center mark that can be felt when the wheel passes through your hands.

Until today we had a plastic pull tie on the wheel, but now thanks to a length of old kite line and a little patience we’ve got a yellow turk’s head marking center:


The second job was to make up an anchor snubber. Without a snubber an anchor chain lies over a bow roller and is typically retained by the windlass. The forces employed to hold the boat in position when at anchor are therefore directly applied to these essential and expensive parts of the boat. A snubber’s job is to take this load and transfer it instead to a cleat, which is much more capable of handling such high loads.  A snubber simply consists of a hook that is attached to the chain and a mooring line from the hook that can be attached to a cleat.

We have two very heavy duty cleats either side of the bow roller so it seemed sensible to use them both. To do this I made up a snubber with a hook in the center of a length of mooring line, held fast using a seizing knot shown in the closeup here:



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