Video: Sailing North Yorkshire

Here’s a short video of our sail from Blyth to the Farne Islands.

Warning: includes a gratuitous closeup of the cat:

I’ll try to upload some better resolution video when we get to a wifi point as posing videos is hammering my 3G connection.

We left Blyth at around 1100, and stopped at Amble at 1400 to refuel. We arrived in The Kettle anchorage in the Farne Islands and set anchor at 1700.


There are a couple of other yachts moored here at the moment (one all the way from Boston, MA) and then there are the day trip boats too, coming and going every couple of hours, bringing people over from the mainland to see the islands.

The wildlife here is amazing – there’s a continual feeding frenzy of birds diving for fish all around us. I’m no twitcher but it really is spectacular.


There are seals here feeding on the fishes too:


The heat from yesterday’s sunshine has bought with it a sea fog for this morning. With that in mind we have decided to hold up here for another day before setting off for Scotland tomorrow morning. The sun has finally broken through here  now and it’s lovely again – we’re just hoping that its like this again tomorrow.


One thought on “Video: Sailing North Yorkshire

  1. We have been thinking of you and delighted to see all your news. So glad you gave us your card with the info on it. I like the idea of you sleeping whilst levitating. i used to take the saloon cushion to the hallway to the aft cabin and sleep on the floor when it was rough. You can’t be thrown anywhere from there. We never went to our cabin on passage. We always slept in the saloon on our off watch. Have you discovered that the quickest way to get the off watch crew on deck is to stamp on the cockpit floor?

    Your photos are grand! I am delighted to see our names on the crew list and very pleased that we might be on the western isles leg if all continues as planned. We are very much looking forward to seeing you aboard.


    Jayne and Brian

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