Lost cat

We had a terrible surprise on Friday morning. We awoke at 5am, to an alarm that I should have cancelled on my phone, and Buxton was not there. We searched the boat, and then the marina for him but he was nowhere to be found.

The only clue we have is from a boat that arrived at 2330 on Thursday night (after we’d gone to bed) who said that they had seen him sat on top of the boat next to ours when they arrived, and again shortly after midnight walking along the pontoons just before they went to bed. Apart from this no one has seen or heard a thing.

We’ve put posters up on lamp posts and in shop windows all over town and are now being recognised as ‘the couple who’ve lost the cat’ when we approach people in the street. We’ve given our number to dog walkers, postmen and window cleaners and are hoping that someone will spot him.


The local veterinary surgeons, the police and the Cat Protection League, who have started a  thread on their Facebook page, are all aware that he’s lost. I’ve posted the Cat Protection League’s thread onto other local organisation pages on Facebook too.

We had a false alarm on Friday that gave us some hope but only left us chasing the local church minister’s grey cat.  The girl who spotted him later said that it wasn’t Buxton when she saw a photo of him.

We’ve now searched for two days and have been regularly walking the streets of Lossiemouth calling for him and rattling a packet of his favourite treats. This morning, given the futility of our search, we made the tough decision to leave Lossiemouth and head on with our journey.

The people of Lossie are an amazingly friendly and accommodating bunch and I’m sure if Buxton is there he’ll turn up and we’ll get to hear about it. He has been microchipped so we should  hear from a vet if he turns up too. The owner of the next boat to us has offered to drive him to us if he appears in the next few days, and we have a friend of a friend who lives nearby that will take him in temporarily if needs be so that we can rent a car to drive back and collect him.

We’ve got everything crossed and are hoping dearly that it won’t be long before we hear some good news. He is a part of our family and we hope so much that we’ll see him again soon. Please wish us luck!

Contact us on our Facebook page if you have any suggestions or news of his whereabouts.


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