Buxton is back!

We’re delighted to be able to announce that after almost a week of being absent without leave, Buxton is now back on board the boat with us!

We received a call late yesterday afternoon from a couple saying that they had a cat in their kitchen that looked very much like the one in the lost cat posters. After a short conversation we became quite convinced that it was him, and they said that they would be happy to drive the 75 miles from Lossiemouth to Loch Ness to return him to us.

They arrived this afternoon to join us for a special lunch that we’d laid on for them. Before long Buxton was also tucking into a bowl of his favourite cat food followed by one of his treats. Here are his saviours, Graham and Lynne, giving him the treat:


He has lost a little weight, and was looking a bit sorry for himself but has settled straight back into his routine of eating and drinking before snoozing under the saloon table, and occasionally looking around the boat to see what’s going on.

Our guests’ children have made a ‘welcome home’ banner for him that we’ve had hanging up in anticipation of his return, and we’ve made a long lead, inspired by one that a neighbour has been using, to preventing from jumping ship in the night again.


It has been a stressful week and we’d like to thank everyone involved in the search to find him. We’ve had Facebook and Twitter users sharing and retweeting our messages and there have been both local radio and newspaper announcements raising awareness of his disappearance. It’s been great to receive all the messages of support from everyone too.



15 thoughts on “Buxton is back!

  1. I’m so EXCITED & HAPPY for Buxton and his family! Thank Goodness he’s safe and back home with his family..

  2. So pleased to read this, I really felt for you having read your story – and like many shared the story to help. This has made my day, To continue your travels with one family member AWOL offshore must have been so difficult. Fingers crossed he keeps below deck in future, not walking the plank – enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Hope our friend is back to his old routine. Our favourite picture is with his Captain’s hat on! Enjoy your trip especially round the Islands.

    NB this is first time we Luddites have replied on Facebook – who knows where it will lead?

    1. Hi Lynne & Graham – yes Buxton has settled back in nicely 🙂

      Thanks ever so much once again for your help in getting him back to us. I hope Graham hasn’t finished the whisky yet?

  4. I have been sharing and keep checking on if you found him snd I am so glad you have fantastic news. And the couple to travel so far to reunite him are legend. Lovely happy ending x

  5. cant be more pleased got a tear in my eye just reading about your reunion…great stuff you guys so pleased…..

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