Join Us

We offer an open invite to all our friends and family to join us aboard and share our adventures.

To set your expectations, there are a few challenges you should bear in mind from the outset:

  • Finding us: reaching Amalia will probably be the biggest challenge of the trip. As we are uncertain of exact dates and locations, we suggest that you contact us one week before your date of arrival to get an idea of where we will be. We will then stay in touch and be able to give you a precise location two or three days beforehand. You’ll need to be patient and maintain a sense of humour which will be rewarded on arrival!
  • Comfort: as comfortable as Amalia is, she is not a super-yacht so please dispel any illusions of Abramavich style luxuries on board. If you’re happy with a sleeping bag and a comfy mattress, or perhaps a sofa berth, then you’ll be just fine.
  • Personal limitations: depending on our plans for the time you are aboard, we may be making long overnight passages or having to handle heavy weather and sea-sickness while at sea. Please let us know of any personal limitations you may be concerned about.
  • Your responsibilities: all guests are members of the ship’s crew, and as such will be expected to be actively involved in the day to day running of the vessel. This includes, sailing as well as cooking and cleaning chores.

There’s limited stowage on board so please pack light and bring all your things in a soft bag. We cannot store hard suitcases anywhere on board.

What you should bring:

  • We can provide pillows and sleeping bags, but please bring your own pillow case and a towel as we do not have laundry facilities on board.
  • Warm clothes. Also, if you have it, bring wet weather clothing. There’s nothing more depressing than getting chilled to the bone in damp clothes. Hopefully the sun will shine the whole time you are with us and they’ll not be needed anyway.
  • Suitable shoes. Ideally deck shoes or sailing boots, but most definitely non-marking soles.
  • Seasickness tablets (we recommend Stugeron).
  • Sun cream / sun hat.
  • Swimwear.

If you’ve read all the above and are still not thinking “What the hell would I want to go and do that for?”, then we’re confident you’ll have a great time, and we look forward to welcoming you on board!


2 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. Hi Steve & Helena, we have completed our wedding duty and have a flight on the 14th Aug – back to Vigo where we left Artemis. It’s just me & Anne for the next three weeks! We have to fly back to the UK on the 4th Sept to see Ross & Sian off on their backpacking holiday to Austrailia & look after my mother. Kindest regards, Allan & Anne.

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